Create a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Offer


To create a buy one, get one offer, you'll need to have both Bold Discounts and Bold Upsell installed.

You must complete the Duplicate & Hide Install Instructions on your published theme before completing these steps. This code hides the discounted duplicate product from the storefront so it can only be purchased in the BOGO offer, without it customers will be able to purchase discounted products without qualifying for an offer.

With both apps installed and the duplicate and hide steps completed, please follow these steps to set up a BOGO offer:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Product Discount.

    Select Product Discount

  3. Select Current Discounts.

    Select Current Discounts

  4. Select Create Discount.

    select create discount

  5. Enter a Discount Name (i.e. T-shirt BOGO).

    enter a discount name

  6. Enter a Discount Amount (% discount for the product that is being offered).

    enter a discount amount

  7. Select % next to the "Discount Amount".

    select a discount type

  8. Select Select Products.

    Select select products

  9. Select Add next to each of the products you would like to discount.

    Note: You can also filter by collection, vendor, and product type. For detailed instructions on how to use the product selector, visit Use the Product Selector in an App. To put your entire store on sale, select Select All Results here instead of Add.

    select add

  10. Select Continue with selected products.

    select continue with selected products

  11. Leave Enable Date Range deselected.

    Leave Enable Date Range Deselected

  12. Leave Override cents deselected.

    Leave Override Cents Deselected

  13. Under "Duplicate & Hide" select Create a hidden duplicate (Liquid update required).

    Select Dupe & Hide

  14. Select Create.

    Select Create

  15. Select the Toggle to enable the offer.

    Note: The toggle will be green when the offer is enabled.

    select the toggle

  16. Select OK.

    Select OK

Wait for the discount process to complete and continue to Step 2: Verify the Discount Products.

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Products.

    select products

  2. Enter the Product Name (of a product you selected in Step 1) in the "Search Bar".

    enter the product name

You should see two products here:

two products

one at the regular price:

refular price

and one at the discounted price:

discounted price

At this point, you can then continue to Step 3: Create the Cross-Sell Offer.

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Product Upsell.

    Select product upsell

  3. Select Offers, then Create Offer.

    Select Offers/Create Offer

  4. Enter a name for your offer.

    Note: This is an internal name for your own reference.

    Name Offer

  5. Select Set A Trigger.

    Select Set A Trigger

  6. Select the trigger type.

    Note: "Add to cart" is the recommended method.

    Select Trigger Type

  7. Select Cross-sell.

    Select Cross-Sell

  8. Choose Select Products.

    Choose Select Products

  9. Select ADD next to the product you would like to trigger the offer.

    Note: You can also filter by collection, vendor, and product type. For detailed instructions on how to use the product selector, visit Use the Product Selector in an App. Deselecting the "Group variants by products" option and selecting search will allow you to choose individual variants to use in your offers.


  10. Select Continue with selected products.

    Continue With Selected Products

  11. Select Set An Offer.

    Select Set An Offer

  12. Enter an offer title.

    Enter Title

  13. Enter an offer description.

    Enter Description

  14. Choose Select Products.

    Choose Select Offer Products

  15. Select ADD next to the discounted product.

    Note: Here you will need to find the product that has the discounted price associated with it. If you are unable to find it with the search feature, you will need to page through the products using the numbers at the bottom to find the product. If it doesn't appear, select "Update Now" in the top-right corner. Close the product selector window and try again in a few minutes.

    select ADD

  16. Select Continue with selected products.

    Select Continue with selected products

  17. Select the additional offer options (optional).

    Note: If you're running a true BOGO offer, we recommend leaving these options unselected.

    Offer Options

  18. Select Set Date Range (optional).

    Select Set Date Range

  19. Enter a Start Date and End Date (optional).

    Enter Date Range

  20. Select Set Cart Price (optional).

    Select Set Cart Price

  21. Enter a Min cart total and Max cart total (optional).

    Enter Cart Value

  22. Enable the Automatically remove items from the cart if the trigger or conditions are unmet option.

    Note: This option will only work if you're using discounted products created through Bold Discounts. The other options in this section are optional. Visit Advanced Options in Bold Upsell for more information on these features.

    Select Automatically Remove Products

  23. Select Save Offer.

    Select Save Offer

Finally, you can continue to Step 4: Test the Offer

  1. Select View storefront.

    Select view storefront

  2. Select the trigger product.

    select the trigger product

  3. Select Add to Cart.

    select add to cart

  4. Add the upsell offer to your cart.

    add the upsell offer to your cart

  5. Remove the trigger product from your cart.

    remove the trigger product

Did the discounted product also get removed from your cart? If not, please contact our Merchant Success team and we'll be happy to help.

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