Create a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Offer

To create a buy one, get one offer, you'll need to have Product Discount, and Product Upsell installed. You must complete the Duplicate & Hide Install Instructions on your published theme or customers will be able to purchase discounted products without qualifying for an offer.

With both apps installed and the duplicate and hide installed, follow these steps to set up a BOGO offer:

  1. Create a Discount Offer.

    Take these points into account when you create your discount offer:

    • Disable the "date range" selector in Product Discount when creating these offers. Since the products are visually hidden on the storefront, customers won't be able to check out with them ordinarily, so there isn't need to set an end date.
    • Set the discount percentage or dollar amount that will be applied to the offered product. To make a product free, enter a discount of 100%.
    • In the "Discount Tag" panel, enter in a unique tag that will identify discounted products in this offer. Remember this tag as it will be used later. Example: BOGOSHOES.
    • Ensure the "Duplicate and Hide" checkbox has been checked at the bottom of the discount creation screen.
  2. Select Products.

    Select Products 

  3. Select Collections.

    Select Collections 

  4. Select Create collection.

    Select Create dollection 

  5. Enter a Title.

    Enter a title 

  6. Enter a Description.

    enter a description 

  7. Under "Conditions", select Product tag in the first drop-down box.

    select product tag 

  8. Leave is equal to in the second drop-down box.

    select is equal to 

  9. Enter the Code created in Step 1 in the third box.

    enter the code from step 1 

  10. Select Manage next to "Sales channels".

    select Manage 

  11. Select Online Store to deselect it.

    Select Online Store 

  12. Select Done.

    Select Done 

  13. Select Save collection.

    Select Save Collection 

  14. Create an Upsell Offer.

    Note: In step 11 search by Smart Collection to find the collection you created, select Search and Select all results.

That's it!

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