Change the Cart Count to Show the Right Number of Products

Product Options 1.0 creates "hidden products" in the Shopify admin when a priced option is made.

Sometimes these "hidden products" will incorrectly be included in the cart count that appears when a customer adds something to the cart.



Changing the Cart Count

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Online Store.
  2. Select Actions.
  3. Select Edit code.
  4. Under Snippets, ensure bold-cart.liquid and bold-cart-items.liquid exist.

    Note: Please visit Product Options 1.0 Install Instructions if you are missing any of these theme files.

    ensure the snippets are in place

  5. Under Layout, select theme.liquid.

    select theme.liquid

  6. Add:

    {% include 'bold-product' %}

    right before the </head> tag if it does not already exist.

    add line of code

  7. Change all instances of:




    change all instances

  8. Select Save.

    Note: This will make the number of items in the cart match the number of Shopify products. Once the customer enters the checkout, the customer will see each option ("hidden product") appear as its own product.

    select save

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