How do I change the price of my Product Builder?

There are two ways your customers can make a selection within a Product Builder product:

  • Choices
  • Options

Choices are products and options are dropdown menus, checkboxes, text boxes etc. via a custom form step.

Choices and Options Example


As of February 19th, 2021, Product Builder is unavailable for new installations. If you are currently using Product Builder, you will be able to continue using the app as your account will now be grandfathered.




Choices are products that your customers select during the purchase process of a Product Builder product. Choices can be assigned a price via Shopify variant.

You can change the price of your Product Builder by linking your choices to a differently priced Shopify variant.

  1. From the Shopify Admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Product Builder.
  3. Select Edit Steps for the Product Builder you want to adjust.

    1 - Select Edit Steps

  4. Select Edit for the step you want to adjust.

    2 - Edit

  5. Select Edit Row for the choice product you want to adjust.

    3 - Edit Row

  6. Select Select Variant.

    4 - Select Variant

  7. Select X beside the Shopify variant you want to disconnect from this choice product.

    5 - Select X

  8. Select ADD beside the Shopify variant you want to connect to this choice product.

    6 - Add

  9. Select Continue with selected products.

    7 - Continue with Selected Products

  10. Save your choice product changes.

    8 - Save

  11. Save your step changes.

    9 - Save




Options are dropdown menus, checkboxes, text boxes, etc. that can only be displayed within custom form steps of your Product Builder. Options cannot be directly assigned a price.

If your product requires a priced option, this can be possible with the use of a priced choice and conditional logic.


If you'd like to charge $10 for custom embroidery, create a step called "Do you need custom embroidery?", then create these two choices: Yes and No. Yes would be associated with a product in your store called Custom Embroidery Charge with a $10 cost, and No would be a non-priced choice.

Next, create a custom form step with options for your customer(s) to enter their embroidery details.

Finally, use conditional logic to show or hide the custom form step based on whether the customer selects Yes or No to the custom embroidery.

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