How do I change the prices with the selections?

There are two ways customers can make a "selection" in a product builder. With a Choice or as part of an Option panel. 

So with the "options" there isn't a way to change the price, only with the "Choices". So if you need to make something affect the price you just need to be a little strategic how you build it :-)
For example say you'd like to charge $10 for custom embroider. You could make a step "Do you need custom embroidery" and then the two Choices would be Yes and No. The "Yes" choice would be associated with a product in your store called "Custom Embroidery Charge" and that would have the $10 cost. 
Then, on the next page where they enter the options, the field text etc there's no cost adjustment needed there. You can use the conditional logic to show or hide that step based off whether they select Yes or No to the custom embroidery. 
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