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Custom Pricing allows you to set up special pricing groups for different customers. You decide who gets special pricing and what their discount is.

The premium version extends the functionality to automatically tag a customer when their total spending reaches different thresholds, they've placed a certain number of orders, purchased a selected product, or are from a specific country.

The Quantity Breaks module gives you the flexibility to offer quantity based discounts to your customers. These discounts apply based upon how many products a customer purchases on the site. When using this with the wholesale functionality of Custom Pricing, you can offer different quantity discounts to various groups of wholesale clients.

Note: The wholesale section of Custom Pricing is not required to use Quantity Breaks. Quantity Breaks can be installed on its own without activating the wholesale modules. Please visit Bold Quantity Breaks (links to Shopify App Store) for more information.

Pricing & Plan Features

Feature Basic Premium Quantity Breaks
Price per month




Create multiple customer levels (wholesale, Gold, VIP, etc).


Tag customers in Shopify to assign them to a group.


Set different discounts for different products (10% off shoes, $25 off clothing, etc).


Free trial period


Automatically tag customers based on how much they spend, how many orders made and when they buy selected products.



Email engine to automatically notify customers when they move to a new group.



Detailed pricing grid to price individual products.



Import pricing from a spreadsheet.



Set a default pricing group to apply across all your wholesale customers.



Create different price tiers for products based on the quantity purchased.



Display a detailed table of the available quantity break tiers.



Customize the quantity break table to match your store's styling.



Monthly app billing is handled by Shopify, with app charges added to your store's monthly Shopify invoice. Visit Change Your Price Plan in Custom Pricing for more information on how to upgrade or downgrade your plan tier.

Book a call with one of our Custom Pricing Experts for details.

To request an install, please visit Request a Custom Pricing Installation to learn how to do so. Don't forget to create a staff account for us.

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