Getting Started with Quantity Breaks

App Overview

The Quantity Break app for Shopify allows you to create different price tiers for products based on the quantity a customer buys. You can set it so they have to buy a certain quantity of one specific product or of any product within a group of products. For example, you can set it up so that if someone buys 1-4 they are $99.99 each, if they buy 5 they are $79.99 each, if they buy 10 they are $59.99, etc. This can be done for a single product, or for a group of products (eg. buy any 5 hats, get a price break). 

How does the App work?

From the app administration you can create quantity break groups by selecting which products to apply the breaks to, how much and what kind of discount, and finally the quantity that is needed to be added to the cart for the break to trigger.  The app will create QB variants in your Shopify store based on the quantities you specify for the products that you select.  Then when a customer adds a that amount of that product to the cart the app will swap out the base variant with the appropriate QB variant.

How much is the app?

  • $16.99 per month, or
  • Purchase the app with a one time charge $407.76 -- Contact us for details on how to purchase

Do I need to install liquid code?

Yes this app requires liquid to be installed into your theme, and this can be found here:

If you would like for us to install the liquid there is a $25 fee.

Important Things to Note

  • This app comes with a free 90 day trial.  If you remove the app within this time period then you wont be charged.
  • Don't do import/exports of products that are selected with an active QB group.  Pause the QB groups before doing this.
  • Don't edit, save, change the QB variants from your Shopify store that have been created with the app.  This will cause the app to lose its connection with its variants.
  • Updating the price of the base variant does not automatically update the QB variant prices. Pause and play the QB group to do this.
  • If your store tracks inventory then there is a possibility of oversolds occurring. For more information please reference this article.
  • Quantity breaks and Discount should not actively be used on the same products at the same time as it will result in double discounting.
  • Like with all app installs, the install will only work with that particular theme.  Each theme has its own set of liquid files, and when its changed the install will have to be completed again on the new theme.
  • Before removing the app MAKE SURE you pause or delete the groups and wait for that to finish.  If this isn't done the variants that the app creates will be left behind in your store and they may be accessible to the customer.


The most common issues can be found here.

Top Questions

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