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Quantity Breaks Pricing & Overview

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With Quantity Breaks, you can create increasing discounts based on the quantity of a product your customer buys. For example, if a customer buys your product with a quantity between 1-4, the price is $99.99 each, if they buy a quantity of 5-9 they are $79.99 each, if they buy a quantity of 10 or more they are $59.99. This can be applied to a single product, or a group of products (ie. buy any 5 hats, get a price break). 


The Quantity Breaks (standalone) app is no longer available for new installations. If you are currently using Quantity Breaks, you will be able to continue using the app on a grandfathered plan.

New requests for Quantity Breaks will be directed to Custom Pricing which has a Quantity Breaks plan available. For more information, please visit Custom Pricing Overview.

If you'd like move from Quantity Breaks (standalone) to Custom Pricing, please visit Switch from Quantity Breaks to Custom Pricing.



In the Quantity Breaks admin, you can create quantity break groups by selecting which products to apply the breaks to, how much and what kind of discount, and finally the quantity that is needed to be added to the cart for the break to trigger. Quantity Breaks will create QB variants in your Shopify store based on the quantities you specify for the products that you select.  When a customer adds that amount of the product to the cart the app will swap out the base variant with the appropriate QB variant.

Quantity Breaks is $16.99 per month.

Yes, this app requires liquid to be installed in your theme. Visit Installation Guide for Quantity Breaks for a complete walk-through. 

If you would like us to install the liquid code, there is a $25 fee.

  • Quantity Breaks comes with a free trial period. If you remove the app within this time period you won't be charged.
  • Don't do import/exports of products that are selected with an active QB group. Pause the QB groups before doing this.
  • Don't edit, save or change the QB variants from your Shopify store that have been created with the app. This will cause Quantity Breaks to lose its connection with its variants.
  • Updating the price of the base variant does not automatically update the QB variant prices. Pause and play the QB group to do this.
  • If your store tracks inventory there is a possibility of overselling occurring.
  • Quantity Breaks and Bold Discounts should not actively be used on the same products at the same time as it will result in double discounting.
  • Like with all app installs, this install will only work with the theme it is installed on. Each theme has its own set of liquid files, and each theme will require the code to be installed in order to function correctly.
  • Before removing Quantity Breaks, make sure you pause or delete the groups and wait for that to finish. If this isn't done the variants that the app creates will be left behind in your store and they may be accessible to the customer.

Visit Troubleshooting for the most common issues.