Important Must Read Information for Product Builder

App Overview

Product Builder will allow you to set up a product customizer for your products that allows customers to "build up" their product by choosing specific selections from groups of offered selections in a step by step manner.  Each selection can be setup with an image or in a form type style using drop down menus or text input fields.  Steps can even be conditionally shown or hidden depending upon prior selection! A special feature of Builder is the ability to show a unique preview image based on the combination of prior selections.

How Does The App Work?

When creating a builder setup you will specify a new URL where the Builder app will create a new page for your store and this is where this builder setup will be located. Steps and selections for each step are created in the app administration.  Aside from displaying basic information as a title and description, each selection can have a price and image attached to it.  After the steps and selections are setup there is the option of generating image scenarios for each combination of selections where a unique preview image that you upload will show depending upon which combination of selections were made.

How much is the app?

$60 per month

Do I need to install liquid code?

Yes, and those instructions can be found here: If you would like us to install the liquid for you there is a $40 install fee.

Important Things to Note

  • This app comes with a free 30 day trial.  If you remove the app within this time period then you wont be charged.
  • Options premium and builder are similar in functionality as both apps are a type of product customizer.
  • At least one selection from any step needs to have a variant attached within the app admin for the built item to be placed in the cart. Usually its best to have every selection in a particular step have a variant selected so the customer will always have a variant linked selection.
  • When uploading an image the image must have the EXACT dimensions that are specified for your builder theme otherwise the image wont be uploaded.
  • Priced selections must have an existing product from your shopify store linked to it in order to change the price of the built product.  If you don't want this product showing up separately in your storefront you could use the "duplicate and hide" feature of Product Discount to make a hidden duplicate which could still be used with the Builder app.
  • Like with all app installs, the install will only work with that particular theme.  Each theme has its own set of liquid files, and when its changed the install will have to be completed again on the new theme.


The most common issues can be found here.

Top Questions

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  4. Why can't I upload images?
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