Product Builder Information & Pricing

Product Builder allows your customers to build their own product from start to finish.

Each step can be customized to either change the preview image of the product, or allow your customers to input specific details via text boxes and dropdown menus.


As of February 19th, 2021, Product Builder is unavailable for new installations. If you are currently using Product Builder, you will be able to continue using the app as your account will now be grandfathered.




Product Builder is no longer available for new installations.

If you still have Product Builder installed and would like a reinstallation of its Liquid code, please visit Product Builder Install Instructions for more information.




Product Builder has a monthly fee of $60.00 USD.

Liquid installations of Product Builder's code has a one-time fee of $40.00 USD.




Product Builder creates its own page to allow your customers to build their own product. This page is created with a unique URL and you will need to link to this URL from your Shopify storefront's navigation menu.

Customers will need to make 1 selection per step in order to complete their product building experience and purchase. Selections for each step are created within the Product Builder app admin.

Each selection you create within the app admin can have both a price and image attached to it.

After you set your steps up, you will have the option to generate image scenarios for each combination of selections. This allows your customers to preview an image of their product, depending on the combination of selections made.

Please visit Get Started with Product Builder for more information.

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