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With Bold Bundles, you can "bundle" products, so they are added together to the cart with a bundle discount applied to each of them. This will also work with separate collections so if you add items from different collections to the cart; those products will receive a bundle discount.

Creating a bundle will cause the app to create a "bundle widget" which will appear on the bundled items product page and will display the products involved in the bundle along with their regular and bundle price. This widget can be used as an easy and fast way for a customer to add all products that are part of the bundle to the cart.

  • $19.99 – $29.99 / month

Yes, this app requires a liquid install to your theme. Visit Bold Bundles Install Instructions for a complete walk-through.

  • The bundle widget will work a little differently if you bundle by collections instead of by-products. When a bundle is set up to work with collections the widget will display the collections and will link to those collection pages where the customer can select whichever product they want.
  • Products and collections cannot be placed in the same bundle together (ie the items in the bundle must be unique). The bundles won't function properly in this circumstance.
  • Don't do import/exports of products that are selected with an active bundle group. Pause the bundle group before doing this.
  • Don't edit, save, change the bundle variants from your Shopify store that have been created with Bundles. The app will lose its connection with its variants.
  • The liquid code will only work on the current theme. If you change the theme, the install will have to be completed again on the new theme.
  • Before removing Bundles, pause or delete the groups and wait for the process to finish.

Visit Troubleshooting for the most common issues.

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