Important Must Read Information for Custom Orders

App Overview

Enter custom products & prices in a back end admin to fulfill orders faster. You can also create multiple statuses and auto send emails at different stages (fulfilled, processed, shipped, etc), and you can email payable invoices right from the app.

How much is the app?

$19.99 / month 14 day free trial

Do I need to install liquid code?

There is code that needs to be put into your theme.  The instructions can be found here There is also the option to have us install it for $10.

Important Things to Note

  • This app comes with a free 14 day trial.  If you uninstall the app within the trial period, you will not be charged.
  • When creating a customer order, if you were to create a custom product or edit an existing product, the app will create a new product in your store that represents this custom product.  This product will be hidden in the store front so only the recipient of the custom order will have access to it.
  • Changing the price of a product in the app won't change the price of that product in the store.  These two instances work independently from each other.
  • Like with all app installs, the install will only work with that particular theme.  Each theme has its own set of liquid files, and when its changed the install will have to be completed again on the new theme.


The most common issues can be found here.

Top Questions

  1. How do I remove the new products added?
  2. Is there anyway to not have taxes or shipping costs apply to a custom order?
  3. How do I cancel the email link to the custom order?
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