Use Inventory or SKUs with My Priced Options

There is no official support for this functionality, but you can use inventory or SKUs with product options by following these steps:

  1. Set up Options and Relationships in Product Options 2.0.

    Note: Ensure you enter a price in this step, it can be set to zero later.

  2. From "Shopify Admin", select Products.

    select products 

  3. Select the option product that you created in Step 1.

    Select the option product 

  4. Select Duplicate.

    select duplicate

  5. Provide a name for your new product.

    provide a name 

  6. Select Duplicate.

    select duplicate 

  7. Repeat steps 4 - 6 until you have created all product options needed.

    repeat steps 4-6 

  8. Open the first product option created.

    open the first option created 

  9. Select Edit next to the variant.

    select edit 

  10. Under "Pricing", change the price to 0 if necessary.

    change price to zero 

  11. Under "Inventory", enter SKU.

    enter sku 

  12. Under "Inventory Policy", select Shopify tracks this product’s inventory.

    select shopify tracks inventory 

  13. Under "Quantity", enter the number of stock available.

    enter number of stock available 

  14. Select Save.

    select save 

  15. Repeat steps 8 - 14 for each product option created.


That's it!