Use the Product Selector in an App


The product selector will dynamically load the store's entire list of products, which will be categorized in the "Results" section by pages.  You're able to select products individually, use filter criteria (ie. Custom Collection), select the entire store, or even by individual variant (only some apps).

  1. Under "Results", select Add.

    Note: Repeat this for each product you would like to add.

    select add 

  2. Select Continue with selected products.

    select continue with selected products 

  1. Select filter criteria, such as a specific option in the "Custom Collection" drop-down menu.

    filter criteria 

  2. Select Search to filter the results.

    select search 

To add individual products from the filtered results, find the product in the list and select it's associated "Add" button.  Then select the "Continue with selected products" button in the lower right-hand corner.

select add

If you want to select the entire list of filtered results, select the "Select All Search Results" button.  Note that selecting this button will automatically close the product selector.

Select all search results

How this is done depends on how you selected the products previously.

Select Products Individually - If you selected the products individually without selecting the "Select All Search Results" button, then you'd be able to simply individually select the new products from the list of results, just like before.

Select All Search Results - If you selected the products using "Select All Search Results" (such as if you used a filter and selected the filtered results), then when you open up the product selector the "selected products" section will be empty (this is done to reduce processing time).  It's important to note that any new selection won't be added to the previous selection, but will replace it entirely.  If you want to include a new product in a selection, you'd need to have that new product as part of the search criteria.  For example, if you previously filtered by a collection and then selected all of those results, you'd need to put that product in that collection in Shopify, and then filter by that collection and select the results again.  The selection will then be updated to include that new product.

Use Entire Store - If you selected the entire store and you want to include a new product in this selection, you'd just need to select "Use Entire Store" again.

Note: This functionality is only available for Product Upsell, Quantity Breaks, and Customer Specific Pricing.

  1. Deselect Group variants by products.

    deselect group variants 

  2. Select SEARCH.

    Note: The individual variants of each product will now be in the "Results" section as it's own line.

    select search 

  3. Select ADD for the variant(s) that you want to select.

    select add 

  4. Select Continue with selected products.

    select continue with selected products

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