How can I leave a review for your app?


We hope you had a positive experience with our apps, and want to share your experience with other Shopify store owners.

App reviews help us as developers to get recognized within the Shopify App Store.  For you, it creates a valuable SEO link from Shopify to your store.

You can find the "Write a Review" button underneath the app's description but above the current list of reviews on the app's page in the Shopify app store.  

Here's what it will look like:


Shopify will prompt you to insert your store URL. After you do that a form will appear on your screen where you can leave your review.

Here are some direct links to the various app pages:

App Review Link
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Product Discount Product Discount Review
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Product Upsell Product Upsell Review
Quantity Breaks Quantity Breaks Review
Returns Manager Returns Manager Review
Sales Motivator Sales Motivator Review
Store Locator Store Locator Review
Social Autopilot Social Autopilot Review
Recurring Orders Recurring Orders Review
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