Image Scenarios Aren't Generating

Bold's Product Builder allows your customers to preview the product they're building, as they build it. This is done via image scenarios, where you can upload 1 image per combination of selections. Each combination of your customer's selections will display 1 image.

Occasionally, however, you may experience issues with generating your image scenarios.




There are 2 reasons why you wouldn't be able to generate your image scenarios:

  1. The multiple selection setting is enabled for one or more steps.
  2. You have reached the 10,000 image scenario limit.

The setting for multiple selection can be found while creating and editing an Option Select Step.

Multiple Selections 1

When this box is selected, the checkbox to allow the changing of your product's images will become un-selectable. This is because you cannot generate image scenarios for a step that offers your customers the ability to make multiple selections.

Multiple Selections 2

Another reason as to why you aren't able to generate image scenarios is because you've reached the app's limit of 10,000 scenarios.

Bold's Product Builder generates 1 scenario for each possible combination of selections, except for products within steps that allow for multiple selections.

If you do not want to delete any products within your Product Builder product, we recommend creating and applying conditional logic.

Please see below for more information.



Creating Conditional Logic

If you set up conditional logic where Step 3 only appears when Step 2 - Product 1 is selected, 36 image scenarios will be generated for Step 1 and Step 2, and only 6 image scenarios will be generated when Step 2 - Product 1 is selected.

Product Builder knows that Step 3 will only be used when selected and will not include all of the extra image scenarios because they are not relevant.

The more steps you have within your Product Builder product, the more image scenarios the app will generate. By using conditional logic, you can avoid this error by reducing the amount of image scenarios.


Step 1: 6 choices

Step 2: 6 choices

6 x 6 = 36 possible selection combinations

If you add Step 3 with another 6 selections:

6 x 6 x 6 = 216 different image scenarios.

Please visit Add Conditions to Your Product Builder for additional information.

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