Image Scenarios aren't Generating

One reason why the image scenarios aren't being created is because multiple selections are enabled.  The app isn't able to show two preview images at once and so image scenarios will be disabled in this case.  Another possibility is that your builder setup has reach the 10000 image scenario limit.  In the latter situation you could reduce the amount of image scenarios being created by conditionally showing steps using conditions.

This would probably be best explained using an example.  Lets say that you have Step 1 with 6 choices, and step 2 with 6 choices.  There are 36 possible selection combinations in these two steps. ex. "step 1 = selection 1 and step 2 = selection 1", or "step 1 = selection 1 and step 2 = selection 2", or "step 1 = selection 1 and step 2 = selection 3", and so on.  So there will be 36 image scenarios created for these 36 different combinations.  If you add step 3 with another 6 selections, now you have 216 different image scenarios.  As you add more and more steps the amount of image scenarios will sky rocket.

Now say that we setup conditions where step 3 will only appear when step 2 selection 1 is selected.  There will be the original 36 image scenarios from the first two steps, and only an additional 6 image scenarios when step 2 selection 1 is made.  The app will know that step 3 will only be used some of the time and will not include all of the extra image scenarios because they are not relevant.  When you have 15 plus steps and your using conditions to only conditionally show steps you can save yourself 1000's of image scenarios.

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