Notes before Installing Apps

  • Where is my app?

    From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    select apps 

  • Create a copy of your theme

    Before installing, we recommend creating a backup copy of the theme. Creating a backup allows you to quickly and easily return the theme to a previous point in time.

    Visit: Duplicate Themes for detailed instructions.

  • Theme editor needed

    To install the liquid code needed for many of our apps, a theme editor is required.  For the vast majority of Shopify store owners, this isn't an issue.

    Stores on the Starter or Facebook plans will need to contact Shopify and switch to the Basic plan or higher.

  • Code examples may not match your theme

    The Shopify theme store has 100+ themes available.  There are also countless more custom built themes. Each theme has it's differences, creating a challenge to have instructions apply to each theme.  We do our best to keep steps simple and relevant to the most common themes.

  • Different files within the theme may need to be changed

    Not only may the lines of code in your theme differ from the instructions, the files within the theme that need to be modified may be different.  As an example, in some themes, the product.liquid template is modified.  In other themes, it is the product-form.liquid snippet.

    Because of includes, you may have to modify the file being included instead of what we have listed in the instructions. If you can't find the code you're looking for then it's possible it's being included from another file.

  • Known app conflicts

    If we know that our app does not play nice with another app or other software, a warning is displayed at the top of the install instructions.

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