Customize Returns Manager's Widget Size

This is actually pretty easy to fix :)  When you install Returns Manager in your store, it has a default width of 100%. That's because most themes have a container div around the general content of the site. Not all do though. 

If yours is one that doesn't, all you need to do is adjust the width to the size you like. Generally the same as your site, but some people make it smaller, too. It's totally up to you!


This is what the iframe that you install looks like by default. The only difference is yours will have your actual .myshopify store url. 


<iframe frameborder=0 width=100% height=1200px src=""></iframe>


All you need to do to change the width is adjust what's in red to match your store. So you might do something like this:


<iframe frameborder=0 width=70% height=1200px src=""></iframe>


Or you might do something like this:


<iframe frameborder=0 width=960px height=1200px src=""></iframe>


* Keep in mind if you want it to be responsive, you'll want to use a percentage, not a fixed pixel width. 

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