Customize Returns Manager's Widget Size


When you Install Your Returns Widget, it has a default width of 100%. If you want to adjust the size, adjust the width=100% to the size you like. 

The iframe that you install looks like this by default; yours will have your actual .myshopify store URL: 

<iframe frameborder=0 width=100% height=1200px src=""></iframe>

All you need to do to change the width is adjust the bolded width. So you might do something like this:

<iframe frameborder=0 width=70% height=1200px src=""></iframe>

Or you might do something like this:

<iframe frameborder=0 width=960px height=1200px src=""></iframe>

Note: If you want it to be responsive for mobile devices, use a percentage, not a fixed pixel width.

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