Customize Returns Manager's Widget Size

When you Install Your Returns Widget, it has a default width of 100%. If you want to adjust the size, you can change the width=100% to the size you like.


Bold Returns Manager is no longer available to install on the Shopify App Store. If you already have Bold Returns Manager installed, you will be able to continue using it as it is grandfathered on your store.

The iframe that you install looks like this by default; yours will have your actual .myshopify store URL: 

<iframe frameborder=0 width=100% height=1200px src=""></iframe>

All you need to do to change the width is adjust the bolded width. So you might do something like this:

<iframe frameborder=0 width=70% height=1200px src=""></iframe>

Or you might do something like this:

<iframe frameborder=0 width=960px height=1200px src=""></iframe>

If you want it to be responsive for mobile devices, use a percentage, not a fixed pixel width.

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