New Products / Collections / Vendors / Types are not Appearing

In order for a new product, collection, vendor, etc. to be filterable through the app's product selector they'd need to be synced with our database.  It should be pointed out however that every product currently created in the store will ALWAYS appear in the product selector in the default results list -- they just may not be found through the filters immediately.

Each app will automatically sync the store products, collections, vendors, etc. with our database once a week, which at that point they'll be filterable.  It's possible to manually trigger this process so the database sync will occur sooner.

How to perform a manual data base sync

Within the product selector, it will indicate the date the filters were last updated.  If it is not the current date, a link will be available to manually start the update. Click the Update Now link to start the update.

The length of time for the update to complete will vary by store.  As a general rule of thumb, it will take about one hour per 1000 variants in the store.

My filters are not updating. Anything else?

If products are not being found in the product title search, or through the dropdown filters, and you have followed the steps above, not to worry.  Contact our Support Wizards, by opening a support ticket.  We will force a sync from our side. 

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