Order not Found in the Storefront when it's Searched For

If you can't find an order when you search for it in the storefront it could be a few different issues:

  1. The code snippet that you placed on your returns page didn't have the "myshopifyURL" changed to your Shopify URL. Refer to Install Your Returns Widget for detailed instructions to fix it.
  2. Your orders numbers use special characters or letters. For example, some stores use the # in the order number such as #1001 or letters SA1001. The customer will need to enter it the way you have your store formatted. You can access those settings in Shopify Admin -> Settings -> General Settings under the "Standards and formats".

    Edit Order Number ID Format

  3. Your customer had placed the order before you installed Returns Manager. To fix it, Import Orders with Returns Manager.
  4. The order was just placed and will not be searchable for five minutes. Just wait five minutes and try again.

Bold Returns Manager is no longer available to install on the Shopify App Store. If you already have Bold Returns Manager installed, you will be able to continue using it as it is grandfathered on your store.

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