Remove the New Products Added


Every time you create a custom product with Custom Orders, it produces a product in Shopify. These products can build up, and you may want to delete them to keep your products from getting cluttered.

To remove the new products added by Custom Orders, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Products.

    select products 

  2. In the "Search Bar", copy and paste this:


    enter the search term 

  3. Select Save this search.

    Note: Once you save this search you can come back anytime and select the saved search tab to perform a new search in one step.

    select save this search 

  4. Enter a Saved search name.

    enter a saved search term 

  5. Select Save.

    select save 

  6. Select Select all products or select the individual products you wish to delete.

    select all products 

  7. Select the down arrow.

    select the down arrow 

  8. Select Delete selected products.

    Note: Before you remove the products, ensure the purchases are complete. If you remove any pending products, the order purchase link will not work.

    select delete selected products 

  9. Select Delete.

    select delete 

That's it!

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