Use Longitude and Latitude Coordinates of an Address with Store Locator

Sometimes the store locator app won't be able to accurately place a location.  If you were to input the latitude and longitude data of the address, then the app will be able to plot the location with 100% accuracy.

To find the latitude and longitude information for an address visit the following URL and input the address of the location that you are trying to find the coordinates for:


Now that you have the latitude and longitude coordinates you just need to input that information into the app itself.  Open up the app administration, click on "view stores" on the side bar navigation, find the store you want to assign those coordinates to and click on the edit button for it, go down to "Step 4 - Adjust Store Location", click on "I know my coordinates", input the latitude and longitude, click on the "Update Location" button, and then click on the "Save" button to save the edit. Once saved the proper location will show up on the store locator widget!

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