Product Discount FAQ

These are some of the most common questions regarding Product Discount. Select the question to view the answer.

On average, it takes between 60-90 minutes per 1000 variants.  Peak periods, such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday will take significantly longer.

The discount applies to all variants of a product.  Product Discount doesn't have the ability to apply only to selected variants unless you adjust it's price manually.

There is no time limit.  Run a sale for a few minutes, an hour, a few days, a month or leave it discounted forever.

The time zone settings are based on your store's local time. They are found in Shopify admin, under Settings.

By design, Product Discount will not discount a product that is already discounted by the app.

Product Discount doesn't utilize discount codes, but both sources of discounts can work side by side. The app discounts the store's product pricing, coupons are entered in the checkout. There is no way within Shopify to prevent coupons from being added.

If you apply two sales to the same product, Product Discount will use the discount applied first, and skip any other discounts.  This prevents a product from being double discounted by mistake.

There's no limit to the number of discount groups that you can have, but an item can only be discounted by one group at a time.  If a product is in more than one discount group, the other discount groups will simply skip over that product when applying discounts.

Created a 0% discount on whichever products that you want to exclude and then run the other discount that targets the entire collection, those products in the first group won't be discounted "again" by the second discount group. Those products will be skipped over while the other products in the collection are discounted.

Product Discount doesn't interact with discount coupons in any way. Coupons are applied in the checkout area, where apps do not have any access. Therefore, there is a possibility for double discounts to occur.