How does Social Autopilot work?


Social Autopilot will post new and updated products and blog posts in 30-minute intervals, on the hour and half hour (:00, :30), during the specified period.

The definition of a "new" or "updated" product or blog post, is one published within the past 24 hours. A product or blog post published at an earlier date, set as hidden, and then changed to visible is considered "updated". Social Autopilot will post one product or blog post randomly.

For example:

  • If you have it set to post all day long, the maximum number of posts is 48 (two posts/hr for 24 hours). If you add or update 20 products, one random product will post, 30 minutes later one of the remaining 19 products would post; this will continue for 10 hours until all products have been posted.
  • If you add or update 100 products, 48 random products will post, one at a time at 30-minute intervals. The remaining 52 never appear since the post time would reach more than 24 hours since creation date. You can force them to appear by updating and republishing at a later date.
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