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Create an Upsell Offer

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A true upsell offer usually offers a product upgrade, and are often a higher-priced version of the item customers are looking to purchase.

Upsells replace an item in a customer's cart. Your customers see a Replace Item button within the upsell offer. This text is customizable within Upsell's settings.

This article will guide you, step-by-step, on how to properly create an Upsell offer.

Note: True Upsells can only be created on the Product Page Pop-up trigger event.





  1. Navigate to Bold Upsell > Offers and click Create New Offer.
  2. Enter an internal name for your offer.
  3. Click Set a trigger.
  4.  Expand the Trigger event dropdown menu, and select Product Page Pop-up.
  5. Select Upsell.


  6. Click Select Products, and select your product or variant.
  7. Click Save Selection.
  8. In the Upsell offer section, choose Set an offer.
  9. Enter a Title and Description.
  10. Click Select Products, and select your products or variants.
  11. Click Save Selection.
  12. Optional: Enable Only display the additional cost of the replacement product.
  13. Optional: Enable Match quantities of upsold products.
  14. Optional: If you have enabled Upsell's Funnels feature, you can select Set another offer... on the Offer declined and Offer accepted option. Repeat Steps 6 to 11 until your Funnel conditions are satisfied.

    Note: Only the first offer in a Funnel can be a true Upsell. The rest will be presented as Cross-sells. For more information on the difference between Upsells & Cross-sells, please see Upsell Offers Overview.

  15. Optional: Click Set date range, and enter a Start and End date.
  16. Optional: Select any of the Additional options.

    Note: Read more about these settings in Upsell Offers Overview.

  17. Select Save Offer.

By default, only three products appear in the upsell popup modal on the storefront. If you would like to display more than three products, enable the Show all offered products setting within Bold Upsell. This adds arrows to each side of the Upsell modal so your customers can scroll through your offers. This is found under Settings > Upsell Settings:

Show all offered products setting