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Create an Upsell After Checkout with Cashier

  • Updated

Note Bold Cashier no longer available for installation via Shopify. If your store has installed our Bold Cashier app prior to January 20th, 2020 - you will be able to continue using this feature.

Bold Upsell works in conjunction with Bold Cashier to give you the ability to create Upsell After Checkout offers. You can also offer discounts with this type of offer.

These offers are presented in Cashier's checkout after the customer has completed their order. If your customer accepts the offer, the offer is processed in the same transaction as the original purchase. Your customer will not need to re-enter their payment information.

Note Cashier is able to hold the customer's billing information for up to 5 minutes. If the customer does not accept the offer within this timeframe, they are not able to receive the additional item(s).



  1. From within your Upsell app, select Offers, then Upsell After Checkout
  2. Select Create An Offer.
  3. Enter an internal name for your offer.
  4. Select Set A Trigger, and choose After checkout.
  5. Under Trigger products, select one of the two options:
    1. Trigger an upsell on specific products - This option allows you to select specific products to act as the trigger product. If this option is selected, proceed to step #6.

      Note If a collection is selected, the collection must contain under 5000 products. A collection of 5000 products or more will cause an error.

    2. Trigger an upsell on every product- This option will set all products on your store as a trigger for the offer. If this option is selected, skip to step #11.
  6. Choose Select Products, then select ADD next to the product(s) you would like to trigger the offer.

    Note You can select all of your products by clicking SELECT ALL RESULTS above the search results. To select individual variants, deselect the checkbox next to the Group variants by products text, then select Search again.

  7. Select Continue with selected products.
  8. Optional: Enter a quantity restriction.

    Note This is the minimum number of selected products the customer must have in their cart for the offer to trigger.

  9. Select Set An Offer and enter an offer Title, offer Description, and choose Select Products, then Add next to the product(s) you are offering.
  10. Select Continue with selected products.
  11. Optional: Select your Offer options.

    Select Offer Options

  12. Select Offer customers an after checkout discount if you want to offer a buy one, get one (BOGO) deal.

    Note:\ If you are not offering a BOGO deal, skip to Step 15.

  13. Enter a discount amount and select either a percentage or dollar amount.

    Note The discount amount you set here will apply individually to each product offered in the upsell window.

  14. Select Set another offer... on the Offer declined or Offer accepted option.

    Note The Set another offer option is only available if you have enabled Upsell's funnels feature.

  15. Repeat Steps 12 - 13 until your funnel conditions are satisfied.
  16. Optional: Enable Allow customer to set quantities in the offer.
  17. Select Set Date Range and enter a Start Date and End Date.
  18. Optional: Select Set Cart Price and enter a Min cart total and a Max cart total.
  19. Optional: Select any of the Additional Options.
  20. Select Save Offer.