Country Specific Pricing (Premium Feature)

Customer Specific Pricing has a feature that allows you to tag customers by their country to offer discounts by location. To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Customer Pricing (Wholesale & VIP Pricing).

    Select Customer Pricing (Wholesale & VIP Pricing) 

  3. Select Manage Tags.

    select manage tags 

  4. Enter a Description.

    enter a description 

  5. Enter a Tag.

    enter a tag 

  6. Enter a Default Discount (%).

    enter a default discount 

  7. Select + Add new tag.

    select add new tag 

  8. Under "Auto Tagging Rules", select By Country.

     select by country

  9. Select Modify.

    select modify 

  10. Select a country.

     select a country

  11. Select + to add another country (optional).

    select + to add another country 

  12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 until you have selected all you wish to add.

    repeat steps 10 and 11 

  13. Select Billing Address or Shipping Address.

    select billing or shipping address 

  14. Select Done.

    select done 

  15. Select Customer Pricing.

    select customer pricing 

  16. Select Create Product Groups.

    select create product groups 

  17. Enter an Internal Name.

    enter an internal name 

  18. Under "Calculation Type", select:
    • Set Fixed Price,
    • Percent Discount; or
    • Price Discount.

    Note: Calculation Type and Price Level will default to what you selected in the previous steps.

    select a calculation type 

  19. Under "Step 2 - Configure Price Levels", select the pencil edit if edits are needed (optional).

    select the pencil edit if you need to edit the discount 

  20. Select "Click here if you want to calculate the Customer Pricing prices based off the Compare At Price instead of the Regular Price (lower price). If the compare at price is 0 or empty, the discount will be applied to the regular price." if desired (optional).

    select this option if you wish 

  21. Select "Override the cents on the calculated price. (This doesn't round, it will replace the cents with the value below)" if desired (optional).
    • If selected, enter a cent amount (i.e. 99).

    select cent override if you wish 

  22. Under "Step 3 - Select Products", select:

    Note: The steps will vary slightly depending on which option you select.

    • Select Products,
      1. Select Add by each product you would like to add.
      2. Select Continue with selected products.

      select products 

    • Select All Products,
      1. Select Yes to confirm.

       select all products

    • Select by Vendor,
      1. Select each vendor you would like to add.
      2. Select Select Vendors.

      select vendors 

    • Select by Collections; or
      1. Select each collection you would like to add.
      2. Select Select Collections.

      select collections 

    • Select by Type.
      1. Select each type you would like to add.
      2. Select Select Types.

      select types 

  23. Select Create.

    select create 

That's it!