Country Specific Pricing (Premium Feature)


Custom Pricing has a feature that allows you to tag customers by their country to offer discounts by location.

To set this up, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Custom Pricing (Wholesale & Quantity Breaks).

    Select Bold Custom Pricing

  3. Select Manage Tags.

    Select Manage Tags

  4. Enter a Tag.

    Enter Tag

  5. Enter a Description.

    Enter Description

  6. Select to Charge Tax.

    Select Charge Tax

  7. Enter a discount amount.

    Enter Discount Amount

  8. Select Add New Tag.

    Select Add New Tag

  9. Select the edit button.

    Select Edit Button

  10. Select By Country on the "Auto-Tagging Rules".


  11. Select Modify.

    Select Modify

  12. Select Billing Address or Shipping Address.

    Select Address Type

  13. Select a country.

    Select a Country

  14. Select the plus symbol beside your selected country.

    Select Plus Symbol

  15. Repeat steps 13 & 14 until your desired list is selected.
  16. Select Done.

    Select Done

  17. Select the checkmark.

    Select Checkmark

  18. Create Product Pricing Groups.

    Note: Select your created tag in Step 5 of the above guide to have your pricing rules apply.

That's it!

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