Social Autopilot FAQ

How often does Social Autopilot post?

Social Autopilot will post new products and blogs in 30-minute intervals (:00, :30) to your connected social media platform(s). Due to spam limitations, posts may take up to an hour or more to appear and up to a max of 2 tweets per hour per Shopify store.

Autopilot posts should appear on Pinterest within 15 minutes of posting to your store. Products/blogs must contain an attached image to be posted to Pinterest as per their posting guidelines. If there is no image attached to the blog/product the post will appear on Pinterest with a placeholder image.

Why do my products/blog posts not show up?

Social Autopilot will post new products and blog posts. A new product/blog is defined as being created within the past 24 hours, posted while the app was running, and not hidden. Duplicated products will also be considered new as long as they aren't hidden. If the product/blog was created more than 24 hours ago or goes over the 140 character limit of Twitter it will not appear.

Will Social Autopilot tweet/post unpublished products? Is there a way for the app to show the products already on the site?

Social Autopilot will only post new, visible products.  It cannot post products which are already published or which are created, set as hidden, then later marked as visible.

Why doesn't Twitter show an image thumbnail/card?

The image thumbnail, called a Twitter Card, that appears in Tweets is created and handled on Twitter using information from your store. Social Autopilot simply sends Twitter the product/blog link so the app is not involved with the creation of the Card or able to change it.

A good way of testing if your Twitter Card should work is by using this Shopify article below. Most themes should already have the code you need installed but it never hurts to check :).

Shopify Help Centre: Using Twitter cards

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