Product Options Known Conflicts

Cause Known Issue Suggested Solution
Product Customizer Options that affect the price cannot be removed from the cart. Product Customizer must be uninstalled from the shop.
Shopify Widgets Options do not appear. No solution. Options can only be displayed within a Shopify product page, and not externally, such as within the Shopify Widget
Shopify Checkout Options that affect the price appear as individual products. This is expected. Shopify's framework is designed to show each product in the checkout. There is no solution available.
Shopify > Orders

Orders are showing extra text: builder_id, master_builder, cart_exists: true

These attributes are expected, as they link the options they affect the price of the base product.
Invoice apps Invoices show extra text: builder_id, master_builder, cart_exists: true

Some inventory apps may have the ability to find & replace, or filter this text.

If that is not available to you, here are a couple of apps that can be used to print invoices:

Themes with AJAX Various issues. Refer to: Using Ajax Themes with Product Options for possible solutions.
File uploads File uploads do not appear. Themes using AJAX cannot work with file uploads.

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