How can customers buy in increments (eg. buy 5 for $X, buy 10 for $Y, etc.)?

Yes, this is definitely possible! It just requires a bit of theme modification. In the product.liquid template (product-form.liquid snippet, for some themes), locate the quantity box code. This code may appear similar to this example:

INFO: Some themes (Radiance) do not have a quantity box. If your theme does not, you can skip this step.

Replace the above quantity with this code.

<label for="quantity">Quantity:</label> 
<select id="quantity" name="quantity">
{% for i in (1..10) %}
<option value="{{ i | times: 1 }}">{{ i | times: 1 }}</option>
{% endfor %}

This code will create a drop down list of the numbers 1 through 10. If that looks good, you are done.

To make some changes, continuing reading. :-)

{% for i in (1..10%} controls the number of selectable options in the drop downs

<option value="{{ i | times: 1 }}">{{ i | times: 1 }}</option> if you change the 1 to the number of increments in your discount. So if your discounts change in increments of 25 you would change the 1 to 25.

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