Style the Donation Button Color


To style the Donation Button color, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Recurring Donations by Bold.

    select Recurring Donations by Bold 

  3. Select Settings.

    slect settings 

  4. Select Display Settings.

    select display settings 

  5. Copy and paste this code into the Custom CSS field:

    #customButton {
       background-color: #999;

    copy and paste this code 

  6. Select Save.

    select save 

That's it!

By default, Donations Manager uses the .btn class that most Shopify themes support. If your store has a distinct look for your buttons, the app uses the same one. Sometimes themes don't have a style for the .btn class, so it appears as a generic link. You can add any CSS you want to the #customButton id. This ID is only on that donations button so that it won't affect the other buttons on your website. 

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