Upgrade Sales Motivator to Premium (or Downgrade to Standard)

Heads up! Only the Shopify account owner is able to approve app charges. Please login as the shop owner to upgrade/downgrade.
Open the Sales Motivator App


From the Shopify admin, click on Apps > The Motivator

Account Plans


From the app dashboard, click on Account Plans.

Account Plans

Select Your Plan


Click on the Upgrade (or downgrade) button to change plans.

Upgrade (or downgrade) your plan

Step 2: Make the Pitch!


Put on your marketing hat! This is the message that will appear once on the customers first visit each day. Put something here that tells them what the goal is and what they'll get if they reach it.

For example: Good News! Spend $100 or more today and get FREE SHIPPING!

The message will display approximately once every 24 hours. If a customer visits during the day, and comes back later the same day, it is assumed the shopper saw the pitch message and does not need to be reminded of it.

The message will display to the same visitor if they view the site from a different browser or if their browser cookies have been cleared.

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