Product is Out of Stock or Unavailable Error in Checkout

Product Builder will display this message when the product(s) you have linked to Product Builder are not available on the Online Store sales channel within the Shopify admin.

All priced products you have linked within a Product Builder product must be available on the Online Store sales channel.

If you need to have a product available through the app but not on the storefront, we recommend following the duplicate and hide feature of the Bold Discounts app.

This functionality will create a duplicate of a product (at a discount, if desired) and hide it on the storefront without having to set it as not visible. The original product can then still be set to not visible, and you can use the duplicate through the app.



  1. From Shopify admin, select Products.
  2. Select the product with the issue.
  3. Ensure Online Store is listed.

    Note: If Online Store isn't there, select Manage and then Online Store.

    online store is visible

  4. Under Inventory, ensure there is a number greater than 0.

    Note: If there is no Inventory listed, add a number.

    add inventory

  5. Select Save.


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