Add the Order Lookup Page in My Store

When you install Order Manager, it automatically creates an Order Lookup page called "Order Status" in your "Pages" section. To make it live in your store, add it to one of your menus.

To add the "Order Status" page to a menu, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Online Store.

    Select online store 

  2. Select Navigation.

    select navigation 

  3. Select the menu you would like to add the Order Lookup Page link.

    select the menu 

  4. Select Add menu item.

    select add menu item 

  5. Enter a Name (to appear in your navigation).

    enter a name 

  6. Under "Link", select Page.

    select page 

  7. Select Order Status.

    select order status 

  8. Select Save menu.

    select save menu 

That's it!

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