What's the difference between Bold Motivator Standard and Premium?


The Standard version uses a banner to motivate your customers to spend more money in order to reach a specific goal. Every time they add something to the cart, it shows them how much more is required to reach the goal that you've set up.

Note: For example, if you offer free shipping at $100 and the customer adds a $79 product to their cart, a message will display and inform them they're $21 away from getting free shipping.

With the Standard version, you can offer these types of incentives:

The Premium version allows you to offer motivator messages only to specific countries, through the use of geolocation (this is helpful when offering free shipping, for example).

It can also automatically add a free product to the customer's cart when they reach the goal amount, and it allows you to schedule Motivator messages, starting/stopping them automatically at the chosen times.

Visit Upgrade Bold Motivator to Premium (or Downgrade to Standard) for more information on how to switch.

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