Batch Add Images to Product Builder

********************** Important Notice **********************

Before Attempting the Bulk Image import calculate your total number of Image Scenarios. You can do this by multiplying the number of options within each of your steps together.


Step 1: 8 options
Step 2: 3 options
Step 3: 9 options
Step 4: 5 options

8 x 3 x 9 x 5 = 1,080 (Number of Image Previews)

The bulk image import will work in most cases but if your possible number of Image Previews is over 100,000. The bulk image import might not work properly and you could run into problems with importing the images or even restoring your theme from a previous export. If you have any questions please contact our support at


With the new Import/Export functionality in Product Builder, you can now easily add images to image scenarios using a simple zip file! Note: This is a basic outline of how to do this. Please be aware that your steps may be a tad different depending on your operating system and productivity tools. If you have any questions at all, please contact :-)


1. Go through the initial set-up of your Builder including setting up your steps, options, and any conditional logic that you may need. Continue on to Step 4 and click the 'Generate Image Scenarios' button. You'll receive an email when the image scenarios have been generated. At that point it's safe to proceed to the next step. :-)

2. Next, go into the 'Export Builder' button and export your newly created Builder.

3. You will receive an email with a link from the exported Builder. Save it to a safe location. Unzip the file and you'll be presented with the following files in a folder:


4. For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll be using both the builder_scenarios.csv and the builder_scenarios_images.csv. Open up both files and copy Column A, B, and C from builder_scenarios.csv to Column A, B, and C in builder_scenarios_images.csv. In Column E (Order Id) of builder_scenarios_images.csv, make all of the used rows have a value of 1. Your builder_scenarios_images.csv should look similar to this.


5. We are now ready to add our image paths into our image scenarios! You can either place your images directly in the same directory as the Builder CSV files or in their own folder. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will place all of our images in an images folder. Now, copy all of your images needed for your scenario into the folder. 


6. Open the builder_scenarios.csv. You'll notice that Readable Scenario Key (Column F) has the the description of the row's image scenario and that the Scenario Number (Column C) refers to the scenario number that we copied into builder_scenarios_images.csv. Match up the images you would like for each of the scenarios and enter the path under Image URL. For example, if I have an image in my image folder called dog1.jpg that I want to add to Scenario number 22, I would enter images/dog1.jpg in the row with the scenario number 22.


7. After you finish filling in all of your images, save the builder_scenarios_images.csv. (Make sure you save it as CSV


8. Create a new archived file using your csv files and newly created folder.
Using 7-zip and on Windows, this can be done by highlighting all the files, right-clicking on the files, going to 7-zip, and then Add to archive... All default options for zip files will work.

9. Back on the app admin page, go to Import Builder.

10. Choose our newly created zip file and leave all other options as their defaults, then hit 'Import Product Builder'.


11. Wait for the page to refresh and hopefully you see the succeeded screen. :-) If not, go ahead and review the error on the screen and fix whichever lines it refers to.


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