Store Locator FAQ

These are some common questions regarding Store Locator. Select the question to view the answer.

Store Locator will not create a page in Shopify admin;  it creates a store specific proxy page.  It uses the current theme template with the ability to customize the page in Display Settings.

By default, the website address will be your URL, with /apps/store-locator added to the end.

For example, if your store is, the store locator page will be found at

With the Store Locator app, there isn't a way as it creates a shop specific proxy page.

However, this was a common question so we built a web app that can be used on any platform, any website and can be embedded multiple times. It's called Mapply. If you want to switch to that, you can Bulk Export Stores in Store Locator and import the store locations into Mapply. 

The app is the same; it's just not platform-specific. 

It is common with many countries that use numeric post codes, specifically Australia and many parts of Europe. When searching by post code, Store Locator (using Google Maps) starts the search from the center of the map, returning the first results found.

For example, if you enter an Australian post code, there is a pretty good chance you will be given a location in Europe as this is the first one that matches.

Email our Support Wizards, providing your store website address, and the country where you want the search results to be localized.

When you export the store locations, Store Locator emails the file to the shop owner's email address.

If you didn't receive it just Email our Support Wizards with the store address, and we can retrieve it for you.

It frequently happens when Store Locator can't find the GPS location. Visit Stores are Displaying near Africa or Otherwise Incorrectly for solutions.

When there are 300 or more locations loaded into the app, the pins will not automatically appear on the map.  

It's done to keep the page load time as fast as possible. The amount of data to display for more than 300 locations is significant enough to slow down the page, causing the page to become frozen or unresponsive on some browsers and many mobile devices.

On the plus side, by forcing a user to enter their location, you are receiving valuable information. Within the Store Locator app, under Customer Lookup, you have a map containing data for the past six months of customer search locations. You can use this data for strategic planning for future store expansion.

  • Free: 1 store location
  • $9.99 per month: up to 50 stores
  • $19.99 per month: up to 500 stores
  • $39.99 per month: up to 2000 stores
  • $59.99 per month: unlimited store locations

Full details on all plans and pricing are available within Store Locator under Account Information -> Account Settings.