Customer Specific Pricing with Inventory Apps

Customer Specific Pricing and Inventory Apps, like Shipstation, Brightpearl, and Intuit Quickbooks® Online, don’t work well together for the most part. This is because Shopify doesn’t have the ability to change pricing "on-the-fly" for different customers. For Customer Specific Pricing to work within the framework of Shopify, variants need to be created for each price point. After all, it's the same product, just being sold at a specific price for different customers.

Where this gets problematic is that many, if not all, inventory apps are designed to treat each variant as it's own individual product. Some of these apps also sync with Shopify, overwriting data and breaking the link between the store's products and the Customer Specific Pricing app.

We have reached out to these app developers, to have their apps integrate with ours, but at this time, there are no workable solutions