Some or all of the App's Pricing isn't being Created


If some or all of the Custom Pricing isn't being created, there are a few reasons this could be happening:

  • The regular, pre-existing product's variants plus the app's created variants have reached Shopify's 100 variants per product limit. The app will stop creating app variants for a product if it reaches this limit and any variants that would put the product over the 100 variant limit won't be created. App pricing won't be available for tagged customer accounts if the app variants meant to represent it aren't being created. In this case, you need to either reduce the number of pricing levels that you have created or reduce the number of regular pre-existing variants on the product, which will also result in fewer app variants being created. Visit Products and Variants FAQ for more information on products and variants.
  • The product is already selected by another customer pricing group. Only one group can actively affect a product at a time, and all groups beyond the first that are selecting the product won't have any effect. It isn't necessary to select a product in more than one customer pricing group as discounts for all created tags can be set in any particular customer pricing group for that group's selection of products.
  • The product once had app variants created for it, but they were manually deleted from the product edit page in Shopify admin. Any group targeting this product may not be able to create app variants for it because the app still thinks the variants are there since the product is still selected by a group.

If you are experiencing this issue, visit Discount Methods in Custom Pricing to learn about the different methods. You may be interested in switching to the draft orders method which is not dependent on variants.

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