Create a Subscription Group

Setting up your Subscription Groups successfully, is one of the most important steps in setting up Recurring Orders. How you set this up, with determine the options a customer can choose from, when opting to subscribe to your products! 

You get to pick and choose which products to offer on subscription. 


Step 1

Navigate to Settings > Recurring Style, in the app admin, and select which option you'd like to operate with.

Multiple Products and Single Product mode, both involve setting up a Subscription Group. 

Recurring Cart mode is set up elsewhere, found under the tab - 'Recurring Cart'. Click here to read about that specific mode. 

If you would like more information about each option, there is a detailed descriptions at the bottom of that page.

Note: you can only have one option selected at a time.


Step 2

After selecting one of the following recurring options (single product or multiple products)  click the 'Create Subscription Group' button at the top right of the page in green.



Step 3  

You should be now be on the product recurring settings page, where you can fill in all the necessary information and click 'Save'.

There are many options to choose from. Sometimes all the options will not work for ALL your products in your store, in which case you can make separate subscription groups that contain different products.


If you have a large inventory, it's better for easy organization, to create multiple subscription groups - rather than jam them all into one.

Some products you may want to offer on a monthly subscription basis, and some only on a weekly subscription basis. Multiple subscription groups solves this dilemma. :) 



Important Notes:

Anytime a Subscription Group is set to "START", it means the subscription widget will show up on the product. You can easily "START/STOP".

We always suggest looking at the subscription widget on the product page, (just as your customer would), before going live. It's important to test it and make sure it's the subscription model you like, before customers are allowed to subscribe to it. Testing this out on a product not listed on your store front, is a sure fire way to test without confusing customers! 





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