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If you delete a product that customers are currently subscribed to, you will receive an email from Bold Subscriptions notifying you of this.

Note: If you edit the product title, add or take away a variant, or change a product’s ID or SKU our app may become "unlinked" with the product. Sometimes third-party apps with access to your products can make changes causing them to become "unlinked".

If either of these things have occurred, you need to decide whether you want to replace this product or delete it. This is necessary even if you're replacing the product with the same product after you've edited it.

If you receive this email or see a red banner in the app, please follow these steps to fix it:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold.

    Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold

  3. Select Tools, then Manage Deleted Products.

    Select Tools/Manage Deleted Products

  4. Beside the product title select:
    • Select Product to replace it with a new product or the same product after you have fixed it; or
    • Remove from order to delete the product from all subscriptions.

    Select an option

If you choose to replace this product with a new, different, product - this means you are effectively replacing a product in an active subscription. It's best to reach out to your customers when making this change, or they may have something unexpected in their next order.

If you've edited your products, causing the app to become unlinked with that product, search through the product selector, and rematch it with the same product.

It's very important to make sure you adjust the "New Price", to the price that is given to your subscribers, not just one-time purchasers. Read more about this below.

If you have this email enabled, "Product Change (to Customer)", they will receive that email.

If you have lots of products to fix, after becoming unlinked, you may want to turn off this email template temporarily, so it does not send to customers.

When you choose Option 1, it will ask you for a "New Price". You can select this button, and it will pop up with a place to change the price.

By default, it will put the price that this product is listed at in Shopify for your one-time purchases.

However, if you offer a discount for your subscribers, you must take this discount into account yourself - as the app will not automatically apply that discount for you when replacing the product.

If you recall when setting up your subscription groups, this was an option:

For Example:

If you offer a 10% subscription discount for your subscribers, and the product for one-time purchases is $100, you can not put $100. You must put in $90.

It involves a bit of math, but it will ensure the right price is inserted in for your loyal subscribers.

Another Example:

If you offer a 15% subscription discount, and the product is regularly $25.99, you would put in $22.09.

$25.99 - 15% = $22.09

If you are no longer selling this product, you can easily use this feature to remove it from all of your subscriber's upcoming orders.

Select "Remove From Order", and all subscriptions that contain that product will have that product removed.

If that is the only product in a customer's subscription, their subscription will be canceled.

Please be aware; this process is final. It cannot be reversed.

If you have this email template enabled, "Product Remove (to Customer)", they will receive that email. 

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