Customers Aren't Receiving Order Emails

Customers with Microsoft-based emails (,,, and now Yahoo email address are not receiving emails created through Custom Orders, and Order Manager.

In April 2015, we had reports from Custom Orders, and Order Manager users, that emails sent to customers with a,, and domain are not receiving emails to complete their orders.  More recently, as of September 2015, it appears that Yahoo emails are sent through Microsoft's email servers. 

Microsoft email servers, have very aggressive spam filtering. So aggressive in fact that messages that do not exhibit any spam characteristics whatsoever are filtered. These messages are silently deleted, and do not land in a spam/junk mail folder.

What can I do?

One suggested workaround is asking the customer if they have another email address to send to.

If your customers do not have another email account available, one can be created choosing GMail.

Another workaround is to copy the email body and send manually through another email. Perhaps you have Outlook or Thunderbird installed on your computer, or use webmail services like Gmail.

  1. From the Custom Orders app, select Custom Orders.
  2. Locate the customer's order line, and select the magnifying glass icon under Email Preview
  3. In the modal window that appears, highlight the entire message body and copy the text.
  4. From your own email, paste the message into the body. Add the customer email address, and subject line.
  5. Send email!
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