Customers aren't Receiving Custom Order Emails


We have had reports from Custom Orders and Order Manager users, that emails sent to customers with a Hotmail, MSN, outlook, yahoo and live email addresses are not receiving emails to complete their orders. 

Microsoft email servers have very aggressive spam filtering. So aggressive in fact that it filters messages that do not exhibit any spam characteristics whatsoever. These messages are silently deleted and do not land in a spam/junk mail folder.

What can I do?

One suggested workaround is to ask your customer if they have another email address. If your client does not have another email account available, they can create one with Gmail.

Another workaround is to copy the email body and send manually through your email program. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Custom Orders.

    select custom orders 

  3. Select Orders.

    select orders 

  4. Select Orders.

    select orders 

  5. Under "Email Preview", select the magnifying glass icon.

    select email preview 

  6. Select the entire email content, right-click and select Copy.

    select copy 

  7. Open your email program.
  8. Select Create a new message.
  9. Enter the Customer's Email Address.
  10. Paste the content you copied in step 5 into the "Message Body".
  11. Enter a Subject.
  12. Select Send.

That's it!

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