Add Images to Each Store in the Results Section

To add an image to a store in Store Locator, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Store Locator.

    Select Store Locator 

  3. Select Stores.

    select stores 

  4. Select Manage Locations.

    select manage locations 

  5. Select Edit next to the store to add the image.

    Edit Locations 

  6. Paste this code into the Name field before the name:

    <img class="result_image" src="####"/>

    paste this code in the name field 

  7. Replace #### with the URL to your image.

    replace #### with the URL to the image 

  8. Select Save.

    select save 

  9. Select Settings.

    select settings 

  10. Select Display Settings.

    select display settings 

  11. Copy and paste this into the "page header HTML" box:

    .result_image { float:left; margin-right: 10px; height: 100px width: 100px }

    Note: This CSS will cause the image to be a 100 px x 100 px square image, you can adjust the numbers to change the dimensions.

    copy and paste this CSS 

  12. Select Save.


That's it!

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