Set up a Default Donation Amount Selection in the Widget

Add the following code to the bottom of the product.liquid file:

$( document ).ready(function() {

$( "input[value='####']" ).attr('checked',true);


Replace #### with the value of the radio button.  You can find the value of a particular radio button by right clicking on the specific radio button and select "inspect element" in the menu that appears on the screen.  This will cause the browser console to open which will display the pages HTML.  The HTML for the radio button that was right clicked on should be highlighted in the console, and the line should have a value attribute on it (ex. value="3454").  The number between the double quotations is the value of the radio button.  For more information on how to use the console feel free to look at the "How can I find out which selector to use for CSS" section on this article:

The above code will apply to all donation manager widgets on all product pages, so if you wanted to have different default selections for different donatoin groups then you would need to create a separate prodcut template in your theme's files, put in a separate version of the above code, and then apply that template to the product with that specific donation group assigned to it.  Shopify has a handy article that points out how to create and apply product page templates that can be found here: 

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