Shopify Account Settings for Recurring Orders

Customers do not need to be logged in to place a recurring order. However, a customer must have a Shopify account to manage their subscription after purchase.

This setting is found in the Recurring Orders admin under Settings -> General.

Customer Accounts 

You can either:

  • Require Shopify accounts - A customer will not be able to check out until they register or log in with a Shopify account. Requiring Shopify accounts tends to have lower conversion rates and adds an additional step to the checkout process; or
  • Make Shopify accounts optional - A  customer can check out through the Recurring Orders checkout without a Shopify account. Their subscription will be tied to the email address they entered during the Recurring Orders checkout process, and they can make a Shopify account (using that email address) at any time.

Visit Manage Subscription Page Link Setup for detailed instructions.

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