Refund a Bold Subscriptions Order


A subscription order is processed differently than a regular one-time Shopify order. The payment is processed through the payment gateway you set up in Bold Subscriptions. These orders need to be refunded differently than a regular Shopify order.

To refund a Subscriptions order, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Orders.

    select orders

  2. Enter the Order Number in the search bar.

    enter order number

  3. Select the Order Number.

    select the order number

  4. Select More actions.

    select more actions

  5. Select Refund - Recurring Order.

    select refund recurring order

  6. Enter $ Amount to refund.

    Enter amount to refund

  7. Select Refund $XX.

    select refund $xx

  8. Select Refund.

    select refund

That's it!

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