Refund a Recurring Order

Refunding a Recurring Order Correctly

A recurring order is processed differently then a regular one-time Shopify order.

We charge a customer for their recurring order via the payment gateway you choose to connect to Recurring Orders.

This means that any recurring order is not processed by your Shopify connected payment gateway, as it goes through our instead. This means these orders also need to be refunded a different way.

Please read through this guide to ensure you are refunding your recurring orders effectively, so you receive your correct transaction fees back, and ensure your subscribers receive their refund.

How to process a refund for a recurring order

To process a refund for a recurring order, find the Shopify order you'd like to refund by finding the order directly in your Shopify Orders screen.

Once you've found the Order # you'd like to refund, click the three dots in the right hand corner of the order, and simply click on the icon pictured below and click 'Refund - Recurring Order.'

Or, depending on your Shopify store, you may need to click on 'Apps'. 

This will launch you into the Recurring Orders application, where you can choose the $ amount to refund, and process it through.

You can do a full or partial refund, and then click "Refund". It will then bring you to a confirmation screen, where you select 'Refund X' only once.


A small window will pop up, with some information on what to expect after processing your refund.

Once you click past that, it will bring you back to the order in Shopify, where it will indicate the refund has processed on your payment gateway (Stripe, BrainTree, etc).

See below the text in purple:


Important Functionality and Warnings

What should you do if you have already refunded a recurring order incorrectly?

If you're incorrectly refunded a recurring order, you should contact Shopify support prior to attempting the refund again correctly through Recurring Orders.

There is a chance that if you use Shopify Payments or Stripe with Shopify (for your one time orders), that money may have already been withdrawn and refunded to the customer - if you are also using Stripe with Recurring Orders.

If you use an entirely different payment gateway with Shopify than you do with Recurring Orders, the money most likely would not have been withdrawn, though the refund may display as being refunded. As Shopify's internal processes can change at anytime we still suggest contacting Shopify support about any refund you worry has been refunded incorrectly through Shopify. 

Once you've received word from Shopify - you can choose to refund the order properly through our Recurring Orders app with the steps above, or refund it manually from your payment gateway dashboard.

There is a chance the order may display as being refunded twice if you attempt to process the refund a second time through our app. For reporting accuracy, we may recommend doing these refunds manually from inside your payment gateway dashboard. This would be a temporary solution to fix just those refunds processed incorrectly, and would not be a long term process to continue.

Moving forward all refunds for imported recurring orders should be processed through our application, and no Shopify refund processes should be initiated. 


Should I cancel or refund the order first?

You should refund the order through Recurring Orders first, and then cancel the order in Shopify. You essentially need to avoid the automatic refund functionality that comes with the Shopify cancellation option. This will attempt to refund the order incorrectly through Shopify's connected payment gateway. Refund the order through Recurring Orders first, and then cancel the Shopify order. Because the refund is already done at this point, there won't be room for error. 



Refunding the order through Recurring Orders will not return the item to your inventory. If you would like to return the item to your inventory, process the refund through Recurring Orders first and then manually add it back into your inventory count in Shopify. 


Refund Notification Email

We have built an email template in the app, that will be triggered when you process a refund to a subscription order through the app.

You can view or edit this email template in the Settings > Email Settings tab of the Recurring Orders app. When processing a refund, you can choose to send this notification or not for each refund you issue. 


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