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Connect PayPal Complete Payments to Bold Checkout

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PayPal Complete Payments (PPCP) gives you the ability to accept payments in multiple currencies around the world. Customers can pay via credit or debit cards, local payment methods, PayPal wallet, or other alternative payment options such as Apple Pay.

PPCP features a unique Smart Button. This gives your customers the option to use either PayPal, Venmo, or Pay Later, as well as all major credit and debit cards on almost any device. 

European merchants can maintain compliance with the SCA directive by enabling 3D Secure.

PPCP is advancing rapidly. With new features on the horizon such as integration with Google Pay and more, this platform warrants top consideration.

Pro-Tip: Bold Checkout is available to use for free when connected to either the PPCP or Braintree payment gateways.

This article outlines the availability, connection steps, and testing instructions for PPCP. 




PPCP is available in all countries supported by PayPal. For a full list, please refer to PayPal’s documentation.

The Smart Buttons that are available for your store will depend on your location. For example, Venmo is only offered in the US, and Pay Later has varying options per available location. For more information, please refer to the chart in PayPal's documentation




  1. Within Bold Checkout, navigate to Payment options > Payment gateways.
  2. In the Connect a payment gateway section, expand the Alternative payment gateway menu, and select PayPal Complete Payments.
  3. Check Allow Bold Checkout to perform payment and refunds.
  4. Optional: Check Use advanced credit and debit card fields.
  5. Click Connect next to PayPal Complete Payments and log into your PayPal business account.
  6. After successfully logging in, click Go back to Bold Innovation Group Ltd.
  7. Once redirected to Bold Checkout, the PPCP settings are displayed. Select your currency and available payment types.

    Note: If you select a payment type that is not available to your region, the options for that location will not appear on your storefront.

  8. Optional: Choose your button shape and color.
  9. Optional: Enable 3D Secure card payments.



Connect Apple Pay

To connect Apple Pay please follow the steps below.

  1. Enable Apple Pay in your PayPal account.
  2. Select Apple Pay when connecting to PPCP as shown in step 7 above.

    Note: If you've already saved your settings, you can enable Apple Pay by editing your PPCP credentials.

Caution: Please ensure the phone number settings in your Magento 1 admin, the Bold Checkout admin, and your PayPal dashboard match. If they do not, Apple Pay will not work.

To set the phone number to required in the PayPal dashboard, please follow the steps below.

  1. In your PayPal business account admin, navigate to Account Settings.
  2. Click Website Payments.
  3. Next to Website Preferences, click Update.
  4. View the Contact telephone number setting.
  5. Ensure the Contact telephone number setting is On (required field).

To set the phone number to required in Bold Checkout, please follow the steps below.

  1. In the Bold Checkout admin, navigate to Settings > General Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Checkout Process section, and toggle the Phone Number setting on.
  3. Click Save.



SCA Compliance

You can enable 3D Secure in PPCP to maintain compliance with the SCA directive. The SCA directive applies to merchants within Europe.

To set up SCA within Bold Checkout, please follow the steps below.

  1. Within Bold Checkout, select PayPal Complete Payments to enter the settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and check the Use 3D Secure card payments option.




To verify and approve the PPCP solution, place Bold Checkout in developer mode, and use your PayPal sandbox credentials to run test transactions.

To set up your own virtual testing environment, please follow the PayPal sandbox testing guide.

Note: When testing PPCP with Apple Pay, you must have an iCloud developer account and a test credit card added to your device wallet.